Feb 1, 2020

3PM Saturna island.Tree down across power lines in two locations may hamper internet access and Network Stability for Canadian customers.
West End: https://bit.ly/2UgBKNP (BCHydro)
East End: https://bit.ly/31fwSu1 (BCHydro)

1PM Power Restored on Saturna Island.  All systems came back up.

10:20AM Lovers Cove South AP broadcasting from Waldron revived on reboot/power cycle. Upate on firmware improves monitoring procedures.

10:10AM . Power outage continues inn Canada, Saturna Island.
A new outage has appeared serving two customers off of Waldron Lovers Cove area.
The system is powered by a solar array.  Investigating.

12:10AM . Power outage on Saturna Island.  The expectation is that Eastpoint and beyond will be down after battery backup are depleted.  For outage info see https://bit.ly/2S6sXvq (BCHYDRO)