Network remains stable

We had a customer inquire about no service and no light on the POE device.  The POE is a device which is required to provide “power over ethernet” to the radio or dish outside the home.  The older models are black and the newer models are white. Either work fine.  The cable from the outside radio enters the home and is plugged into the POE (thus providing power.) A cable is then connected on the non-powered network port and run to the Router/Customer device.  The POE ports are normally labeled POE and LAN.  We have had instances where rain water intrudes into the cable and enters the POE. The POE is damaged and needs to be replaced as well as the end of the cable needs to be repaired/replaced. You can just detach the Radio cable from the POE and examine for “burn marks” to diagnose the issue. Back to the original question.  The light on the POE needs to be on and steady for proper service. Even if it blinks (there may be a short) the situation needs to be investigated. If you have no service and the POE is odd.  Call us and we will assist you in getting service back up. 360-376-4124.