Network remains stable

We had a customer inquire about no service and no light on the POE device.  The POE is a device which is required to provide “power over ethernet” to the radio or dish outside the home.  The older models are black and the newer models are white. Either work fine.  The cable from the outside radio enters the home and is plugged into the POE (thus providing power.) A cable is then connected on the non-powered network port and run to the Router/Customer device.  The POE ports are normally labeled POE and LAN.  We have had instances where rain water intrudes into the cable and enters the POE. The POE is damaged and needs to be replaced as well as the end of the cable needs to be repaired/replaced. You can just detach the Radio cable from the POE and examine for “burn marks” to diagnose the issue. Back to the original question.  The light on the POE needs to be on and steady for proper service. Even if it blinks (there may be a short) the situation needs to be investigated. If you have no service and the POE is odd.  Call us and we will assist you in getting service back up. 360-376-4124.

Feb 18, 2020

Network is stable.

A power outage effect the Canadian North Shore in the early morning.

Good to have another day of sunshine.

Feb 18, 2020

Network is stable

**>> We had some issues with a fairly new battery backup dying on us on Buck Mt.  Some issues with deliverability of service while we determined the issue.  Good news is the Host at that location is adding an automated generator to that system. Improves stability!

**>> We have had a fluctuating connection in the Obstruction Pass area that we are investigating.

**>> We are beginning to extend service to Lummi Island today. Moving towards providing service in the Raccoon Pt area.

Feb 10,11 2020

Service down and intermittent for Customers being served from Buck Mt.

A router begin to overheat due to  extra insulation applied for the winter. Things begin going south for customers and the problem was reported to us mid-day Feb 10. The morning of Feb 11 staff dug the old router out of the sprayed insulation and replaced with a new router.  After some configuration adjustments things begin working.  We will need to monitor the site and replace other elements of the gear over the next few days.

Feb 7, 2020

4:15PM We have a generator charging the system and radios and service are now running normally.

2PM We have some stability off the Saturna broadcast point. We were able to contact some help there. However, as the sun begins to go down we will experience an outage related to poor battery levels.

9:25AM Power continues to be out at the Saturna location. This location serves many Waldron customers as well as NW edge Orcas Islanders and the Northbeach area as noted previously.

11:30PM (previous day) Service is down for clients fed off of Saturna Island. This includes the NorthBeach area east of Smugglers Villa.

Feb 1, 2020

3PM Saturna island.Tree down across power lines in two locations may hamper internet access and Network Stability for Canadian customers.
West End: (BCHydro)
East End: (BCHydro)

1PM Power Restored on Saturna Island.  All systems came back up.

10:20AM Lovers Cove South AP broadcasting from Waldron revived on reboot/power cycle. Upate on firmware improves monitoring procedures.

10:10AM . Power outage continues inn Canada, Saturna Island.
A new outage has appeared serving two customers off of Waldron Lovers Cove area.
The system is powered by a solar array.  Investigating.

12:10AM . Power outage on Saturna Island.  The expectation is that Eastpoint and beyond will be down after battery backup are depleted.  For outage info see (BCHYDRO)