Jan 30, 2020

Network is functioning well.  

••>> Two new customers and upgrades on Blakely Island yesterday.

••>> Not sure I’m rooting for the Niners, I’m picking them to win. I think their defense does it for them.  Though the Chiefs QB will give them a run for the trophy.

Jan 29, 2020

Update: 1:15PM The planned outage is over. Service has been restored.

Update: 11:20AM There is a planned outage in the area. We have moved most of the customers to an alternate Access Point(AP).  The outage should be over at Noon. We previously reported at Our House Mall was down.  It is not.

Power outage in Eastsound is effecting some customers on Main Street from the Chamber office to Outlook Inn. Our House Mall is down also.
Check Opalco website for more information: https://www.opalco.com/outages/

Jan 27, 2020

Network is stable.

••>> There continues to a stress point serving SaturnaNet in Canada. It does not concern any US customers.

••>> Added a customer on the weekend. The customer base continues to grow. We have islanders using our Surf Room when their systems don’t work.  We have a steady stream of residents asking for Free site surveys. We are working on extending our network to under served area on the island. For a quiet winter season things are moving right along.

Jan 26, 2020

Network back to stable

We experienced a power outage with a tree on the lines, on Saturna Is in Canada. The outage affected Canadian East Point and  north shore customers. A handful of customers on the north shore of Orcas were also effected. The outage lasted from shortly after 11am until 2:45pm.

We continue to experience lower performance issues with the feed to SaturnaNet in Canada. A tower climber found physical damage to the radio/dish on Mt Warburton, Saturna Island.  Our next step is to replace the dish or install a new system.  SaturnaNet offices should be contacted for more information.

Jan 16 / 17, 2020

Network is stable except for the following.

**>> In Canada on Saturna Island we are experiencing limited performance due to what appears to be an errant radio performance.  We are working with our downstream support system at SaturnaNet to identity and resolve the issues.  (Started mid-day 1/16/20)

**>> We are experiencing a power issue on Blakely Island for a limited number of customers in the airstrip area. (started mid-morning 1/17/20)

Jan 14 and 15, 2020

Network remains stable despite snow and cold.

**>> Pretty quiet in town hope you all are staying warm. Suppose to warm up tonight. I hear the wind blowing.

**>> if you know of anyone needing help, groceries, wood – email or call in. We will get help to you.

**>> Of course if it’s an emergency call 911.


Jan 13, 2020

Network is stable.

**>> No outages reported.

**>> We weathered the snow last night. 23 degrees this morning with another 8 degree drop heading our way.

**>> Stay warm!


Jan 12, 2020

Network is stable

••>> We did a have a customer call about intermittent slow speeds off Lookout Mountain.
Tests of radios showed good performance.

••>> If you are experiencing issues it is good to do the following:

3. *** DO CALL ORCAS ONLINE *** and leave a message.
4.*** YOU MAY *** power off you router and / or radio to see if it makes a difference.
5.DO NOT repeatably power cycle your equipment.

••>> Stay warm – It started to snow an hour ago in Eastsound.



Network status is fine — we do have a power outage on the Pender Islands affecting two customers.  Will update when we know more.  Stay warm — the winds are fierce!