Jan 14 and 15, 2020

Network remains stable despite snow and cold.

**>> Pretty quiet in town hope you all are staying warm. Suppose to warm up tonight. I hear the wind blowing.

**>> if you know of anyone needing help, groceries, wood – email or call in. We will get help to you.

**>> Of course if it’s an emergency call 911.


Jan 9, 2020

Network is stable.

••>> One of the rainy day issues we have is water intrusion in the cable connecting the outdoor radio and the POE.  The sheath around the cable becomes perforated somewhere from a errant staple or UV deterioration. Water  gets into the cable and is siphoned like a straw down into the bottom of the cable injecting moisture into the POE device. The POE, which provides power for the radio, shorts out and service is lost. The shorting repair requires a visit, cable repair and a new POE.

If water is noticed, the sheath can be removed near the POE entry point and the POE placed above the or up hill of the wire to avoid damage and loss of service.  Call us (360)376-4124 if you need assistance.

••>> Icy steps at my home today. Be careful out there.

Jan 8, 2020

Network is Stable.

••>> Exciting times as we are working on our first step to extend over Buck Mt to the east side of Orcas.

Jan 7, 2020 Update 2

Network area serving Dolphin Bay clients has returned too stable.

••>> Network is stable now. No known issues.

Jan 7, 2020 Updated

The Dolphin Bay area remains without service since 11:30AM. I just spoke with the host ad was told the power would be on shortly.

Jan 7, 2020

Network Stable.

••>> Some electrical work being done in Rosario will effect clients on the West side of East Sound (the body of water not the town.) Those clients with service along Dolphin Bay Road may experience intermittent connectivity.


Jan 6, 2020

Network status stable.

••>> We did see an issue at Our House Mall related to the power outage. The location service was restored early this morning.


Jan 5, 2020

Network status now stable after late morning Power Outage.

••>> The Network did experience a power outage on the west side of Orcas. Power Outage information can be monitored at the Orcas Power and Light (OPALCO) website. Power was out at 11:00AM, restored at 12:15. ( All times approx.)


Jan 4, 2020

Network remains stable.

••>>  I hear there is a big storm headed our way. If your power goes out, you should unplug the router and radio if possible. Save the equipment from the spikes as power comes back on.  After it is on and stable, plug things in.

••>> If your internet goes out and power is on, it may be due to power issue up stream from you. DO NOT Factory Reset your equipment. Things won’t work when power comes back on. Please call us (360-376-4124) or check this site for information.

••>> Stay warm, Stay safe!

••>> Go Hawks!



Jan 3, 2020

Network remains stable.

••>> Beautiful day compared to blustery yesterday.

••>>If you are having issues with your connection please contact us. We can help, its what we do!